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Chopsticks / chopstick rest set Hana Oboro <2 pairs>

Chopsticks / chopstick rest set Hana Oboro <2 pairs>

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Bring the gorgeousness of Kanazawa foil to a traditional Japanese dining table. The chopsticks and chopstick rests of the Hana Oboro series are made into a set of couple chopsticks. Hakuichi's original decoration method that allows you to enjoy both the brilliance and texture of the Kanazawa foil itself and the vague atmosphere of the scattered fir that is not the same. A gorgeous chopstick with a checkered pattern that combines two decoration techniques, one for each.


Chopsticks: Wood Chopstick rest: Gold leaf, Resin


Chopsticks: H230mm Chopstick rest:

Care information

The product should be cleaned with neutral detergent. Do not use dishwashers or dryers.

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