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Enjoy the soft feel of the towel on the skin.

This bib is manufactured with interwoven organic cotton and bamboo.

The gourd shape covers a large surface and has a high level of absorbency.


Organic cotton 63% + Recycled bamboo 37%


22.5cm x 21cm

Care information

AFTER PURCHASING YOUR PRODUCT HIPPOPOTAMUS towels use highly absorbent materials processed without the standard practice of applying fillers (sizing) so that our towels are absorbent and functional without requiring an initial rinse. We package and distribute our products in OPP (oriented polypropylene) bags to keep them as clean as possible, but during the final production stage or sold over the counter our products may potentially be exposed to dirt and dust. Therefore we recommend that you wash your purchases before use. GENERAL CARE HIPPOPOTAMUS products are usually made using long pile weaves to enhance their quick-drying and water absorbent properties. The fibres, however, can potentially catch on objects resulting in individual fibres stretching or breaking. We recommend that you carefully cut the broken or stretched threads to prevent further damage to your towel. HOW TO WASH We recommend washing any items with buttons or zippers in laundry nets to prevent catching or damaging the threads on our towels. While modern washing machines have an eco-friendly option that uses less water, we recommend that you actually use plenty of water to properly rinse out detergents from our towels. HOW TO DRY We recommend that after washing, you hold both ends to shake and fluff the towels so that when you hang them to dry, they maintain their original fluffy texture. To maintain the shape of the towels, we also recommend that you hang them over lines instead of using clothespins. Hanging towels in shaded, well-ventilated areas is great for maintaining their softness, as hanging in sunny locations will dry them faster but will often result in a brittle towel. We do not recommend using dryers to dry our towels, but they can be used on low heat to fluff up towels that are mostly dry to produce a soft finish.

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