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KAGAMI Crystal

A Pair of Whiskey Glasses - Bamboo Leaves and Tetragonal Basket Weave

A Pair of Whiskey Glasses - Bamboo Leaves and Tetragonal Basket Weave

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Edo Kiriko "Bamboo Leaves and Tetragonal Basket Weave"

Whiskey glasses featuring a combination of traditional "Bamboo Leave" and "Tetragonal Basket Weave" patterns of cuts. With the classic design, the glasses are simply beautiful. This is a great choice for a souvenir from Japan and a gift for all occasions.




76mm (Caliber) x 90mm (Height)・240ml (Capacity)

Care information

Although each glass has carefully been inspected, there may be slight variances in the shape and air bubbles may appear inside as these pieces are made by hand. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. The product should be cleaned with neutral detergent. Use of an abrasive sponge, wire wool, or abrasive cleansers may scratch the glass and cause damage. Use cleansers only when its quality labeling has been verified. Be very careful when washing inside the glassware. Do not twist from inside when washing nor wiping off as these may result in breaking the glass. A soft sponge with a handle is recommended. Do not use dishwashers or dryers. Products of Crystal Glass are not made of heat-resistant glass or tempered glass. A rapid change in temperature (particularly rapid cooling) may cause enough stress to result in breakage. Never put cold water or ice into a hot or warm glass. Avoid placing hot glassware on cold or wet surfaces. Do not use products in a microwave oven or conventional oven. Handle products carefully and avoid glass to glass contact. Do not put hard objects, such as forks, knives or spoons inside the glass. Do not use or repair damaged products. To avoid breakage and injuries, do not stack glasses inside one another.

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