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Sakura Mini Dish Small Plate Set

Sakura Mini Dish Small Plate Set

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The Sakura small plate is a small dish with a mysterious flower pattern that comes to life when soy sauce or soup stock is poured into it.
The Sakura Mame-dara is a small bean dish that can be used as a set with the Sakura Small Dish, and it is a cute bean dish that fits perfectly into the Sakura Small Dish. It can be used as a condiment or spice dish, or as a chopstick rest.
The hiracle series subtly transforms everyday dining into an enjoyable meal.
The simple design of this tableware blends in with modern dining tables.

*** cherry blossom sundries ***




Small dish: approx. 103mm dia.*25mm Bean dish: approx. 60mm dia. * approx. 14mm

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